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Why Self Publish?

There are several arguments for and against self-publishing, but the strongest and most often stated reason against this option is; "all self-publishing is an untalented person's way of getting their scribblings into print at an extortionate price."

Well, at £795.00 for the full publication of a transcript we certainly don't fall into the 'extortionist' category, but what about you? Surely if your work had any merit it would have been snapped up by an eager agent or publisher wouldn't it? Rather than us answer this all important question, why not read the stories of a couple of successful authors who were in your exact same position.

With self publishing you keep complete control of your book, keep 100% royalties and become a self published author today. Get your book on Amazon, get your book into the book store you want - keep control.

If you've read G.P.Taylor's interview and Billy Hopkins' story, (if you haven't we strongly suggest you do now) does any of what they say in their poignant recollections ring a bell with some of your own experiences? Can you imagine if Billy or Graham hadn't been the persistent people they are, Billy's humorous and Graham's scary books would be collecting dust in their attics rather than giving pleasure to hundreds of thousands of people. Not to mention the financial rewards they have both received since the publication of their books.

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