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What Do I Get For £795?

We at Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd. have worked very hard to offer you, the author, a comprehensive, affordable and quality alternative to the all too often frustrating world of conventional publishing. We offer the following services to enable you to realise your dream of becoming a published author.

For just £795 you will receive all of the following:

  • Full text typesetting of your manuscript -
    Professional type setters will manually layout your book in high resolution ready for print.

  • Design your book cover online with our unique design module -
    You can design your own cover online by choosing one of our images/or your own design and then add your text over the image.

  • Choice of over 2,000 full-colour cover images -
    There are over 2000 images online for you to choose from - these are all royalty free for you to use without any further cost to you.

  • Hi-Resolution typesetting of your text & cover -
    Your book cover front, spine, back, and inside text, will be typeset in high resolution ready for print.

  • A PDF proof copy of your book e-mailed to you prior to final printing -
    Once we have finished type-setting your book, we will email you a proof of your book for approval prior to going to print.

  • 5 x complimentary printed copies of your new book -
    Upon receipt of your approval – your book will be sent to press and 5 books will be with you within 2/3weeks.

  • An ISBN number - International Standard Book Number -
    Your book will have its own ISBN number assigned - this will enable you to sell it via any book store or internet site.

  • Internet distribution via Amazon.co.uk for one full year -
    We will register it on Amazon so that it will be available for you or anyone to purchase via this site.

  • Wholesale distribution via Bertrams, Gardners and Nielsons throughout the UK -
    Your book will be distributed via these for maximum UK coverage.

  • Placed on legal deposit with UK National Libraries -
    By law - you have to submit your book to at least one of six main libraries – this is also included for you - and to all six National libraries in the UK.

  • Ability to re-order your book - starting from just 1 copy! -
    Print on demand allows you to order a book, one at a time if you like from our website - simply log on, and place and order for 1 or 200 books!

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