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Publish Your Book Now!

In order to start your publishing process you need to read and sign our publishing contract then post it, together with a cheque made out to Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd. for £795.00 to:

Click here to go to our contract page:

Once we have received your signed contract and cheque we will send you (via e-mail) an acknowledgement of approval together with your user name and password. You can then go onto our web site and log-on, using the user name and password you have been given in our e-mail. You will also receive, by post, a copy of your contract signed by both parties.

When you have entered our site simply highlight "Publish Your Book" and follow the instructions to up-load your book file in a WORD document.

Once you have up-loaded the text of your book you can then choose a full-colour picture from over 2,000 different images from within our library, or up-load your own cover picture/design, select your type style, colour and font size and create your book cover online. You then proceed to upload your back cover text and maybe a picture.

When you have completed your book cover you once again submit it to us on-line and we start the typesetting and creation of your book.

Once we have completed the whole publication process we e-mail you a proof copy (PDF) for your approval. Upon receiving your approval of the proof we will then send your book to print.

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