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GP Taylor on Self Publishing

Have you ever thought about Self Publishing your own book?

Self Publishing is now more affordable and accessible than ever. Publishing your own book does not have to cost the earth and is available to everyone. If you've been rejected by mainstream publishing companies and still feel your book should be out there with the rest of them - why not self publish your novel and market it yourself?

Self publishing simply means that you take control entirely of your book – you retain 100% copyright to your book, you keep all the royalties, you decide which book store you'd like to target – YOU KEEP CONTROL OF YOUR BOOK.

Self Publishing your poems, novel, fiction, autobiography, or even a family memoir can de daunting – don’t let other companies tell you it’s hard, expensive or only available to the chosen few. You can self publish your book today and keep all the rights yourself. We don’t have to offer you gimmicks like a hotel stay with a proof reader, we don’t have to ‘hide’ our costs from our website, we don’t ‘hide’ behind the screen of a website, we don’t keep our initial prices low, and then charge huge amounts for copies of your book. Compare us with other companies, find out the true cost of your book copies once it is published, find out the real timeline of your book production – we’re real people, with morals and want to help you get your dream into print.

Self-publishing might feel like daunting prospect. It was once called ‘vanity’ publishing and received bad press as companies would promise you the earth and all the deals under the sun but they simply couldn’t deliver! Grosvenor House Publishing is one of the new generation of self-publishing houses who deliver on their promises and we were formed by authors for authors. We were lucky enough to have one of the most successful self-published authors of our time, G.P.Taylor, on our board of directors when we started our company. Graham successfully self-published his first book Shadowmancer after selling his beloved Harley Davidson motorbike to fund the self-publishing route! A few years on, Graham signed a multi-million pound book deal with Faber and Faber and went on to sell the film rights to Shadowmancer for another huge amount! So our pedigree is solid!

Fay WeldonWorld renowned author Fay Weldon has recorded a 45 minute CD, exclusively for us at Grosvenor House Publishing. This CD offers a rare and unique insight into one of the best known authors – Fay talks about how to write a book whilst gripping your readers. She also gives you some great tips about getting your story across to an audience and what one should do to make a story keep its pace.

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